Prices 2020

Please note there is usually a waiting list of between 2-6 months depending on the time of year, if you require something for a specific date please get in touch as soon as possible .

I offer many sizes, if you don't see a size here that you would like please ask.  

Payment plans are available. 

Mini              4" x 4"   £45 / £55 Framed - single subject only                 


Prices shown are for unframed portraits. Framing can be done if required .

Paper size in inches                       Single subject           Double                

                         8" x 10"                     £125                                -                             

                         9" x 12"                     £165                                 -                          

                        12" x 12"                     £200                                -

                        11" x 14"                     £220                            + 25%                          

                        12" x 16"                     £240                           +25%                        

                        14" x 18"                     £350                           +25%                     

                        16" x 20"                    £450                           +25%                     


Prices show do not include postage, please enquire if you require your portrait posting. Worldwide postage is available.


"The painting you did of Flin is exquisite, you must have spent hours on the colours of his beautiful coat. I feel as if I touch it I can feel the silkiness and the warmth of the sunshine once again. You have caught Flin like no photo ever could, thank you special lady, you have amazing talent"